10 Strategies for User Retention Through Rewards

Managing an app can be quite the challenge. But if there’s one metric with a huge impact on all aspects of an app’s success, it’s user retention.

User retention is a measure of the number of people who downloaded your app that still use it after a certain period of time. But it can be tricky: 75% of new users churn in three months, and 90% of installs never generate revenue.

So how can you keep users coming back to your app? Reward them! Rewards are a great way to supercharge user retention. Users are more likely to come back to an app and engage more often if rewards are offered.

In the free 10 Strategies for User Retention Through Rewards eBook, you’ll get:
  • Innovative strategies for harnessing the power of rewards in your apps
  • In-app examples of retention-boosting rewards
  • Implementation ideas and best practices you can use in your apps
  • How focusing on retention supports engagement and monetization strategies in turn
  • And more!

Click here to get your copy of the 10 Strategies eBook today! We sincerely hope you enjoy it – let us know which strategies you’re going to use to drive retention in your apps!

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